Kanye West Asked Donald Trump To Join Him At Controversial ‘Donda’ Event Alongside DaBaby, Marilyn Manson & Kim Kardashian



It was a pretty big deal the other week when Kanye West had DaBaby, Marilyn Mansion and ex-wife Kim Kardashian (in a wedding dress no less) join him onstage at the third listening party for his album ‘Donda’ at Chicago’s Soldier Field Stadium.

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Well according to Radar, it could have been an even bigger deal still, because Kanye had invited Donald Trump to join the crew onstage as well.

Sources told the site:

“Kanye reached out to Donald Trump’s team to get the former President to make an appearance alongside him and join DaBaby, Marilyn Manson, and Kim Kardashian in Chicago.

Kanye is not afraid of controversy. Why else would he invite DaBaby after he spewed homophobic remarks and Marilyn Manson who has been accused by several women of sexual assault?

Getting a former President to help sell his new album would have been huge for Kanye, who was a big supporter of Donald Trump. As far as Kanye is concerned, all press is good press.

This is a man who ran for President after everyone told him not to do it. This is a man who wore a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and visited the Oval Office. Kanye loves to press buttons. Expect a lot more press stunts over the next few days. I wouldn’t put it past him to turn up with Bill Cosby.”

Wow, can you imagine if that had actually happened? The biggest shocker is that apparently Donald Trump turned him down. You’d think he would jump at the opportunity to piss everyone off by celebrating his buddy Kanye’s album release in the flesh. I’m actually a bit bummed it didn’t happen.

A genius publicity stunt by Kanye, but ultimately not one that could transpire for whatever reason. Maybe Trump was paranoid that he was walking into some kind of set-up now that he isn’t President? Or maybe he was under the weather that day or something.

The article also says the following:

As Radar first reported, sources close to Kim told us she was blindsided by Kanye with DaBaby and Marilyn Manson. She reportedly knew nothing about them being scheduled to appear and only showed up as a favor to her estranged husband.

Lol – imagine if Kanye had managed to get Trump up there with them too. DaBaby, Marilyn Mansion and Donald Trump? What a crew of modern day supervillains. Kim K would have never forgiven him! Not that he needs to worry about that anymore.

Anyway, ‘Donda’ is apparently breaking all kinds of records since dropping over the weekend so I guess the Trump appearance wasn’t super necessary. Still, would have been fun to see all the meltdowns it would have caused. Maybe next time.

For the time Kanye released a song online in which he admitted wanting to ‘have sex with with Kim’s sisters’, click HERE. Full marks for honesty.



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