This Real Dog Going Nuts At Google’s Robot Dog Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Robots

If you ever thought robots were a good idea, this video will convince you otherwise.

Everyone knows that dogs have that sixth sense for sneaking out untrustworthy people/robots, and so it was very interesting when Spot the real life terrier met Google’s robot dog the other day.

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Needless to say, Spot didn’t trust him one bit:

Even if you still thought robots were a good idea after all the terrifying blogs we wrote about robots attacking humans, surely this footage finally convinces you otherwise.We need to take all these robots and just throw them in the sea immediately. If a dog tells you not to trust a robot, you don’t trust a robot. End of story.

Especially Google’s Atlas Robot that can get back up on its feet after you push it over. Robot takeover incoming, peeps — don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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