Razor Ramon Sings A Kid Rock Song

Scott Hall Kid Rock

When you’re as washed up as Razor Ramon, what’s the only thing that gets you through the day? Yeah, that’s right, an obscure Kid Rock song from 2001.

Scott Hall Kid Rock

I’m not normally one for posting videos of old wrestlers doing dumb stuff on Sick Chirpse because the majority of the time I’m not even sure if anyone will actually know who said old wrestler is because it feels like my old school wrestling knowledge is way more developed than most people I hang out with these days, especially considering I’m not going on tour with punk rock nerds all the time now.

But yeah Tourist or Rafel or someone posted a video about the rise and fall of Scott Hall/Razor Ramon a few weeks ago that was actually really popular so I figured when my buddy Jono from The Swellers posted this video of him singing a Kid Rock song that it might get the same reaction. I was kind of worried that everyone in England might not know who Kid Rock is but then I remembered he did that All Summer Long song that didn’t actually make any sense whatsoever but somehow managed to make it to number one over here so he must be fairly well known, at least in the capacity that people actually know he is now as opposed to ten years ago when nobody had a clue.

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Anyway, for reasons unbeknownst to anybody, Scott Hall decided to film a video of himself in his appartment/house staring into the camera singing a Kid Rock song. This is an old ballad kind of song off his breakthrough record Devil Without A Cause which I’m pretty sure I received for my 17th birthday. It was a hit but it isn’t as big a hit as Bawitdaba or American Badass or any of the famous Kid Rock songs. Scott Hall says halfway through his sloppy and slurring rendition of the song that it got him through a lot of tough times, and if you check out this documentary about his life then you’ll probably believe him.

Highlights of the video include Scott Hall saying ‘sing it Rock, sing it’ when there’s a guitar solo (again, that makes no sense) and also in a quiet part of the song him saying ‘Thanks a lot Rock, I’ll meet you in Detroit soon’ which again is just frankly quite weird and makes you think that Scott Hall might be getting Kid Rock confused with The Rock because he might actually have a chance of meeting The Rock whereas it seems unlikely Kid Rock would give him the time of day in this state.

My favourite part is when he sings ‘I take too many pills’ and looks really shifty like a little school boy who just got caught with a stinkbomb in the toilets or something. The final line is pretty special too so make sure you stay tuned for that. Like I said I don’t know why this was made or even if Scott Hall himself uploaded it or what and I’m not sure if it’s even that entertaining – he definitely can’t sing very well – but there’s something about it – probably Scott Hall’s ridiculous facial expressions that he makes throughout the video – that just makes you want to watch the whole thing all the way through and root for the guy. I’m definitely glad it exists.

Check out the video below:

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