Watch These Customers Lose Their Shit As A Rat Runs Riot On Their Dinner Table

Rat dinner table

A dish that no one asked for.

Ever go to one of those Chinese restaurants where you all order different meals and then place them on the table and spin it around so everyone can try a bit of everything? Well this video is like a nightmare version of that.

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Normally it’s a pretty good time as you get to expand your pallet and try something you might never have had before, and it also gives you something to talk about if the conversation dries up. However, if one of the dishes that gets spun round to you happens to be a live rat, then you’re not going to be having fun anymore and the conversation is probably going to turn into high pitched screaming as it runs around getting its disgusting germs all over your food.

I know this because I’ve seen the exact same scene unfold in the video below:

Yikes. No idea where said restaurant was but I know I never, ever want to eat there.

I guess you can never be too careful, although I would probably do something a bit more dynamic than just sit around screaming and filming this rat running around. Maybe get a waiter or something.

For more rats, here’s a weirdo eating a live one. Maybe these guys should have called him.


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