This Rare Footage Shows The First Meeting Of Dr Dre And Eminem

Dre Eminem

Two peas in a pod.

Dr Dre and Eminem are one of the most iconic and legendary duos in hip hop history, but I’m not sure how many people know the origins of their partnership. Unless maybe you’ve seen 8 Mile, sure.

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It turns out that the two of them hit it off straight off the bat after they met each other, literally laying down the hook for ‘My Name Is’ – Eminem’s debut single – after about five seconds of being in the studio together. Now, thanks to HBO’s new Dr Dre documentary The Defiant Ones, we can hear that story – and probably many others – in full, along with some ultra rare footage from the time as well:

Damn, it kinda sucks that it cuts out just before Dre is supposed to go up on stage at Wembley, but I suppose you gotta watch the whole thing if you wanna see that.

It’s kinda crazy that the two of them hit it off the bat so quickly though, and all the trials and tribulations they faced getting Eminem’s first record out. I guess that’s why we’ve gotta watch ‘The Defiant Ones’.

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