Rapper YG Kicks Fan Out Of Concert After He Refuses To Yell ‘Fuck Donald Trump’

Is YG wrong for this?

Rapper YG – whose most famous song is probably ‘FDT’ (it stands for exactly what you think it does) – invited a fan on stage at his concert at the Mala Luna Music Festival in San Antonio, Texas this weekend specifically to ask him to yell ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ into the mic.

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The kid hesitated, then refused, and so YG asked him to leave the event:

The reaction online has been mixed:

No matter what you think of Donald Trump (and many agree he’s a bell-end) it does seem pretty lame that this rapper would embarrass a teenager and boot them out of his concert like that just because he doesn’t share his political views. Fair play to that kid for sticking to his guns under enormous pressure – I mean he’s happy to pay for a ticket to see YG even though YG is the most anti-Trump rapper around, so why can’t YG be equally as tolerant of one of his fans who doesn’t share his opinion on Donald Trump?

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