Rapper ‘The Game’ Has Challenged Jake Paul To A Street Fight

Would pay to watch this.

Jake Paul seems to be running around all over the place challenging everyone and anyone to boxing matches, but nobody really ever seems to want to call him out for a fight. Probably because ‘real’ boxers find it too demeaning.

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Anyway, thankfully Rapper ‘The Game’ has decided to change all that though by steeping up to the plate on Sunday night and posting a tweet where he appeared to challenge Paul and his brother Logan to a street fight. Take a look at it below:

Obviously it didn’t take Jake Paul too long to respond, claiming that he would knock ‘The Game’ out whatever kind of fight they were involved in.

Oooh fighting talk. Looks like The Game is actually serious about fighting the Paul brothers though as he replied to that by saying the following and then Logan Paul got some more in there as well:

Seems like it’s happening hey, whether it be in a boxing ring or on the street. I hope it’s on the street and these guys really kick the shit out of each other, although there wouldn’t be any money in that so I doubt it’s going to happen that way. Can you just imagine if it did though? Would be so good.

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