Rapper Gets Stabbed In The Neck; Decides To Facebook Live Stream It

Rapper Stabbed Neck

Bad idea.

Ever since it’s been introduced, Facebook Live Streaming has probably been more trouble than its worth due to the kind of people that think it’s cool to stream themselves committing suicide or driving around in car chases from the cops.

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I heard that Facebook were employing 3000 more people to try and clamp down on this, but it doesn’t look like it’s worked as a rapper was recently stabbed in the neck in Baltimore and managed to live stream him desperately walking around and looking for help as he bled out. Not really sure what happened to Tyree Colion but he’s streaming for a full three minutes whilst his hysterical girlfriend is putting pressure on the wound and screaming like hell.

Watch the disturbing post below:

Not really sure why he would wanna stream that to the world, unless he was trying to get some promo for his new album or increase his personal brand as a rapper who’s actually starting some serious beef and getting stabbed, but nevertheless he did and now it’s out there forever. The police are saying he’s in stable condition after he made it to hospital and they’re launching an investigation into the incident, but I doubt they’ll find anything out – you know how these rappers like to keep it in house and not involve the 5-0.

For more Facebook live streaming disasters, check out this guy who live streamed shooting himself in the head. Nice.


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