Man Shoots Himself In The Head On Facebook Live Stream To Get More Followers

Well, that didn’t go to plan.

A former Thai gangster who ‘shot’ himself in the head during a live stream on Facebook has been accused of doing it to get more online followers, after police arrested him on firearms charges.

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Thousands of Nae Wat Dao’s followers watched on live stream as he appeared to put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

Nae was admitted to hospital after the ‘shooting’ on Saturday with only a minor wound to the right side of his head, which suggests it was some kind of faked stunt by Nae to attract more followers.


Police said:

From the informal conversation with the doctor, it was confirmed no stitches were made, as it was only a scratch.

The news said the gun was used on his head. If that had been true, there would definitely have been a severe wound.

Nae has now lost his Facebook page, which had millions of followers, and is currently a patient at a psychiatric hospital, as well as facing a charge of illegal possession of a firearm. Unlucky pal.

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Running our own blossoming Facebook page, I totally get what Nae was going for here. Facebook used to be fun and exciting; a place where people wrote controversial statuses and shared photos of themselves getting smashed at uni. Now it’s just people you knew from school posting inspirational quotes and banging on about politics or their sponsored charity run or whatever. Nae was just trying to bring some fun back into Facebook. He could easily have shared some baby pictures and racked up his Likes that way but instead he decided to shoot himself in the head. Big up Nae for trying something different. Just a shame it didn’t work out for him in the slightest.

Meanwhile this guy also managed to shoot himself in the head, albeit accidentally while taking a selfie.


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