Rapper B.o.B. Is Trying To Prove To Everyone That The World Is Flat

“Have u been to the edge ? Or is that what ur science book told you”

I had no idea there were people out there in the world who still believe the Earth is flat, but it looks like one of those people is rapper B.o.B.

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You might remember him from this tune (pretty apt title in hindsight):

The guy’s gone full-on conspiracy theorist mode on Twitter and is displaying some serious doubts about the general consensus that planet Earth is round. Here’s some of the stuff he’s been posting:

Some have tried explaining to him / are purely taking the piss:

Someone stick B.o.B on a rocket and send him into outer space because I reckon that’s the only way he’ll be truly convinced. Even then he’d probably think the government was playing an optical illusion on him or some shit. Pretty rich coming from the guy who pretends aeroplanes are shooting stars.

And we thought Jaden Smith’s Twitter feed was just a little bit weird.


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