Rapper Big Sean Is Furious At Justin Bieber For Grinding All Over Ariana Grande During Her Concert Last Night

Justin Bieber just cuckolded Big Sean right in his face.

Justin Bieber just proved that once you go black, sometimes you go back after he jumped on stage in the middle of an Ariana Grande concert and had her loving every second of it as he grinded/groped her in front of everyone. Just one thing though; her boyfriend Big Sean was standing in the crowd wondering WTF was going on:

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Naturally, he wasn’t too happy about it when he took to Twitter afterwards:



Bit of an awkward one really as Bieber gave Big Sean mega exposure by doing a track with him a few years back. A bit like the Lil Wayne/Drake situation where you can either kill the guy and your own career in one go or just let him cuckold you and do nothing about it. Not very gangsta really.


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