A Rapper Allegedly Cut Off Roommate’s Penis For Viral Video Stunt

This is a very weird story.

What would you do to go viral? There have been a lot of crazy and desperate attempts over the years – some working and others failing miserably – but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything as weird about the lengths people are willing to go in order to get internet famous as the story in this article.

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We’re over in Zaragoza, Spain for this one where a rapper named Sanatoria del Atico (Attic Santorium in English) could be facing serious jail time after agreeing to amputate his roommate’s penis in exchange for money in a viral video stunt. 32 year old Santorium – real name Aaron Beltran – is accused of paying 35 year old Andrew Breach – a British teacher who studied at Oxford – a fee depending on how many times the video was viewed on YouTube, with the price ranging from £173 to a maximum of £2164.

Beltran is alleging that Breach was fully complicit in the act, which took place in his bedroom with a 12 inch kitchen knife. Andrew apparently used his pyjama cord to tie around his penis to prevent blood hemorrhaging before Beltran went to work on it with the knife.

However, this didn’t go according to plan and police found Breach bleeding heavily at roughly 7;15pm on the night of March 8th 2019 after an ambulance was called. One policeman claims that Breach subsequently told him that he wanted to cut his penis off because he didn’t feel fully male:

When interviewing the victim in hospital he told us the accused cut off his penis. Andrew said he did not feel 100 percent a man and wanted to get rid of his penis.

He agreed on a deal with the accused to pay him €200 which would depend on how many views the video of the amputation received on YouTube.

It was done on the basis of hits.

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However, in a somewhat crazy twist, during the court case which is going on right now, Breach has admitted that he cut his own penis off, contradicting his own original sworn statement that Beltran was responsible. He says that he felt pressure from the police to blame his roommate, but now says that he was unwell and did it himself.

Indeed, the cops seem to have admitted that the penis amputation was consensual and have accepted that Breach suffers from gender dysphoria, but are still arguing that Beltran should bear criminal responsibility for the act. He could face four and a half years in jail if convicted.

For those of you worried about Breach’s penis, doctors were able to re-attach it and it’s now fully functional. He did have to spend three weeks in hospital recovering though. We’ll have to see what happens in the court case though.

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The whole situation sounds like a complete and utter mess, but it seems to me as if the cops are perpetuating the situation by pressuring Breach into blaming his roommate for everything when it’s pretty clear he orchestrated the whole thing and wants to take responsibility for it. Classic case of people not understanding gender dysphoria, so having to create a narrative that explains it for them because they don’t want to believe something like that is possible.

Have to admit it’s kind of weird that Beltran went along with it all in a quest for viral views. A video like that probably would have gone massive though and really helped his fledgling rap career. A song about the incident and getting framed by the cops should probably do pretty well too though. Maybe he could start a companion podcast about it all as well.

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