Rapper ’21 Savage’ Just Went Full On Gangsta Rapper Life-Threatening Mode To Tyga Over Kylie Jenner Beef (VIDEO)

2Pac Vs Biggie – the 2016 version.

The other day, up and coming rapper 21 Savage and Kylie Jenner got a bit friendly on Twitter, but Tyga shut that down after Kylie’s followers grassed her up.

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Since then, the beef has elevated into 2Pac and Biggie territory. Just, you know, a bit less good.

Here’s what’s gone down since..

21 Savage told TMZ he’d “tear that ass up” in reference to Kylie. Not nice to hear another bloke say that about your girlfriend:

Tyga then dissed 21 Savage in a tune which Kylie looks to have enjoyed:

Then 21 Savage hit Tyga with the ultimate low blow – suggesting Tyga is Kylie’s “wife”:


Tyga hit back saying 21 Savage wants his life, which is a great way of getting under any rapper’s skin:

Obviously that was enough to push 21 Savage into full-on gangsta rapper life-threatening mode:

Is 21 Savage all mouth though? Does Tyga even have anything to worry about? Errr, possibly:

The young street rapper has long looked the part, and lived it. Born Shayaa Joseph, he was expelled from all DeKalb County schools for getting caught with a gun in the 7th grade. Since then, 21 says, he’s been busy with “wild shit, robbing.” In 2013, he was shot six times, and his best friend was killed. “Shit got ugly,” he explains, about as far as he’ll elaborate on the situation.

Welp, good luck Tyga. Enjoy your awesome life while it lasts:

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