Rape Suspect BOUNCES Off Window As He Tries To Flee Cops By Jumping From The 6th Floor

“Where you going?”

I’m not sure why this chap was so worried about a taser after he almost willingly flung himself from a 6th-floor window, but maybe he envisaged some kind of Jason Bourne-style landing rather than certain death. The most brutal part about it though was the cop asking “where you goin’?” and straight up laughing at him as he bounced back off the glass. Imagine playing this for a jury in the court room and everyone bursting into laughter?

According to Yahoo, 19-year-old Onjre Damon George was charged with kidnapping, rape and assault. Hotel staff “noticed a male and female and that the female looked unwell”. An employee was able to discreetly ask the female if she was OK and the female used body language to indicate something was wrong. Big up that employee!

To watch a guy jump off the 11th storey of a cruise ship in the Bahamas, click HERE. Exhilarating stuff.


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