Rampaging Bull Obliterates Motorcyclist In Crushing Roadside Manoeuvre

This move is so brutal it should be funny, except it actually happened, so it’s just massively harsh.

This video is pretty mad, I hope you’re ready for a sharp intake of breath. Basically, a demented bull is having a bad day and takes it out on some poor guy that just happens to be tootling along on his scooter. The bull completely and devastatingly owns this innocent rider.

I immediately assumed this video was set in Spain because of their ridiculous, verging on suicidal, bull run, but I guess rampaging bulls probably live in many of the countries of the world.

Take a look at this for a convincingly thorough bovine finishing move:

I guess the moral of this story is as follows –  try not to go anywhere near rampaging bulls if you can avoid it. No one likes to get gored to they? Apparently cows are planning to take over the world, so get ready people.


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