Ramen Rap Tune Is The Next Meme To Devour The Internet

Steven Jo’s likeable ode to instant noodles will most likely be re-enacted by the entire planet in a matter of days.

How seriously do you take your ramen? You may take it reasonably seriously, but you definitely don’t take it as seriously as rapper and comedian Steven Jo, who has penned a bouncy little ditty named Ramen Noodle Soup in ode to the humble snack, complete with ghetto-tastic video;

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Being that we here at Sick Chirpse often enjoy a bowl of the stuff ourselves, it’s hard to find fault with Steven Jo’s composition, not to mention his flow, and the fact that the whole thing’s completely dumb. The video features Steven and his entourage getting all up in the supermarket, and at one point one of his boys is on the corner selling individual packets of ramen to young men who are itching for their next fix. It’s a bit like a scene from The Wire. In a similar vein, the video features someone convulsing on the floor in some sort of ramen noodle soup related overdose. Too much MSG, we reckon.

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Steven Jo also pulls a series of silly faces and flashes his grillz throughout (we hope he’s looking after them properly after all that ramen consumption), while pulling some serious moves and flexing his technique. You may well feel like dancing along to this, or perhaps going to your local shop so you can buy four packets of Koka Noodles for a quid. That’s the rate I get them at anyway. The song also has lyrics like this;

“I put some water in that pot and start boilin’

I gave my girl some noodles so she can have that abortion

Cause I ain’t ready

For a kid

I’m in love with spaghetti

Holy shit.”

If you REALLY want to get in on the ground floor then film a short video of yourself RIGHT NOW copying all the moves and waving packets of noodles around and e-mail to us so you can bask in the glow of propagating viral media. Or don’t, it’s up to you. Either way, I want some ramen.

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