Check Out Ralph Steadman’s Surreal Illustrations For Orwell’s Classic ‘Animal Farm’



‘Animal Farm’ is deemed a classic in many circles and quite rightly so – George Orwell’s satirical metaphor warning of the dangers of communism is as relevant now as it was when he wrote it during the ascent of Soviet Russia during the Second World War.

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The book has never been out of print since it was first published in 1944, but as is the case with most novels that are reprinted, the artwork and presentation of the text has changed multiple times since its first edition. Many feel that the artwork of Ralph Steadman – released in 1994 to make the book’s 50th anniversary  – is the definitive illustrative version of the characters depicted in ‘Animal Farm’ as they’re suitably grotesque and scratchy, perfectly rendering the every day horror portrayed in the book:

Animal Farm1 6

Animal Farm 19

Animal Farm 18

Animal Farm 17

Animal Farm 15

Animal Farm 14

Animal Farm 13

Animal Farm 12

Animal Farm 11

Animal Farm 10

Animal Farm 9

Animal Farm 8

Animal Farm 7

Animal Farm 6

Animal Farm 5

Animal Farm 4

Animal Farm 3

Animal Farm 2

Animal Farm 1

Pretty on point right? Would be great to track down a copy of one of those editions, although I suspect they’ll be fairly pricey. At least we still have access to these pictures though.

For more classic illustrations, check out these images depicting the ugly side of society from Spanish artist Luis Quiles. Telling.



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