This Farmer Forgot There Was A Race Car Rally Going On And Pulled Out Onto The Track… Oh Shit!

Tractors and rally cars should not mix.

A rally driver was practicing his skills on a quiet rural road in Germany last week when he had his bladder unceremoniously emptied by a farmer. Driving a rally car is dangerous enough without adding errant farming equipment into the mix.

As the rally driver careers around a blind bend, a tractor quietly edges out into the road . Amazingly, no one was hurt. I like to think the farmer did it on purpose because he was fed up with the sound of rally cars disturbing his prize sheep. I don’t think that’s the case though.

Although the breaking ability of the rally car certainly is impressive, I am more amazed at the reversing speed of the rickety old tractor. Watch how fast this bad boy recoils:

See what I mean? That’s a powerful reverse gear if ever I saw one. It could have gone a lot worse, like that threeway collision caused by a single dickhead driver we posted recently.


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