‘Rakka’ Is The First Movie From Neil Blomkamp’s Experimental Film Studio And It’s Absolutely Wild


The 20 minute short film tells the story of the bloody aftermath of an alien invasion.

We’ve been bigging up District 9 director Neil Blompkamp’s experimental new film company Oats Studios for a couple of weeks now, but nothing could prepare you for just how good the first short movie from the collective was going to end up being.

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Entitled Rakka, the 20 minute feature tell the story of the aftermath of an alien invasion by some lizard like creatures called the Klum. They’ve already taken over the planet due to their superior powers of telekinesis and mind control but they’re not just content to enslave the human race – they’re also dead set on performing some of the most grotesque and twisted torture methods imaginable on us.

It’s probably Blomkamp’s most bleak view of the future yet, but of course, there is a human resistance against the Klum as well and some vague shred of hope in the battle against them. Watch the whole thing below:

Intense stuff huh? The good news is that Blomkamp already has three more of these 20 minutes shorts finished and ready to go, and they’ll be released in the upcoming weeks, although he’s said that they’re all very different in style story and tone to Rakka. Even so, you can pretty much guarantee that they’re all going to be at least as good as this if not better. Exciting.

If these are successful, then he’s also pledged to work on a second volume of films in the near future. Good news for all you fans of dystopian futures, which I imagine is everyone.

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