Some dude from South Africa emailed us and asked us to feature his band’s music video. It’s ridiculous.

Some dude called Yuri emailed us this week from South Africa and said he really loved Sick Chirpse and he was telling everyone in South Africa about it. That was pretty safe of him. He also said that the Russian brawl in the oceanarium was like pretty much any normal day in Johannesburg, which was kind of grim but I’m sure it’s not really that out of the ordinary in Russia either, especially judging by the reaction of everyone in the video. Anyway, after that he asked us if we would post his music video. I was like sure, why not, how bad can it be?

Turns out it’s pretty crazy, and even reminded me a bit of Tonje Langeteig’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Be A Crappy Houswife’ in that it was pretty much Europop with some slutty (no offence Yuri!) looking lead singer prancing around being a slut. The subject matter of the song is kind of similar too, as Rain on Mars’s singer just wants to be a girl and ride her pony, whereas Tonje Langeteig didn’t want to be a crappy housewife…..I did say kinda similar.

Anyway, the video is actually really cool as they have this whole South Park style crazy plot about some cat in an alien spaceship spying on the lead singer who’s doing her best Katy Perry slut impressions and then dancing around in some kind of place that looks like it could be the stage at a really big strip club. There’s also a part where a planet that is only populated by zebras gets involved. If this is the kind of music that’s big down in South Africa, maybe I should take a trip down there sometime – it seems really cool!


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