Watch This Racist Woman Go Into Meltdown After Husband Discovers She’s Been Cheating On Him With Black Dudes

This is incredible.

We all know the theory that anyone who is aggressively homophobic is secretly clamouring for cock, but does the same also ring true for people who are aggressively racist?

Apparently so, at least in the case of the young lady in this video. I’m not sure what the hell is going on exactly and why they are on webcam with a man who might be their couples counsellor but who also just seems to be cracking up at the ridiculousness of the drama unfolding before him, but it’s a hell of a ride regardless:

Jesus Christ! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Even without the awful racist element, imagine your girlfriend cheating on you and trying to justify it by saying she was thinking about you the whole time and even told the guy she was cheating on you with that your dick is better than his. Oh right that makes it OK then. All is forgiven!

Aside from that, serious To Kill A Mockingbird vibes from this chick. Basically a 2021 version of Mayella Ewell who would have gotten a black man killed if this situation had arisen back in the day. Even her husband seems to fully understand how batshit crazy she is though. Never mind couples therapy, I think she needs the asylum. Unreal video.

To watch a guy pull up to a motel and find his wife cheating on him with a huge black dude, click HERE. Welp, that’s one L you can’t do much about.


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