Watch This Racist Get KO’d & Dragged Off A Bus After Calling Black Man The N-Word In France

Justice is served.

No one likes to see violence on public transport, but if it has to happen, why not to a racist Frenchman who thinks he can get away with calling strangers the N-word?

Sure enough, that was the fate of this gentleman over in Amiens after he used the slur on a packed bus:

Absolutely rocked him. The best part though is how dragged him off the bus from his ankles and just dumped him in the middle of the street. There aren’t many bigger Ls a human being can experience than that.

As for what was said during the confrontation, a French-speaking Redditor has that covered:

About what I expected really. I even recognised “Ouvrez la porte” (open the door) from my GCSE French days. Although I’d never heard it used in the context of dumping someone’s limp body off a bus and into the street. First time for everything I guess. Anyone know how you say “chat shit, get banged” in French?

For similar scenes on a train in West Ham the other week, click HERE. When are people going to learn?


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