Foul-Mouthed Chav Hurls Racist Abuse At Man On Train & Threatens To Knock Him Out

Nasty piece of work.

With all the encouraging anti-racist sentiment out there, it’s always a bummer to see another incident doing the rounds on social media and, in this case, without a single white person involved!

This footage was taken on a train near West Ham underground station at around 2330 last Friday, and involves some chavvy moron hurling a torrent of abuse at a man about his ethnicity and weight, while also threatening to knock him out:

Wow, what a badass. You can tell this girl’s tough because she starts bragging about being shanked in the face like that’s supposed to make everyone jealous. I know no one wants to see a female be assaulted (physically or otherwise), but would it have been the worst thing in the world if another lady of similar build turned up and shut her racist trap up for us?

Here’s another clip doing the rounds…

Anyway, police have confirmed they are aware of the incident and looking into it, so that’s good. Let’s hope she’s sober enough when she watches this video back to realise what an utter tool she made herself look like, and big up the guy filming for standing up to her. Wish everyone else on the train had the same bollocks.

For the London teenager who launched a brutal hammer attack on three random tube passengers because he was feeling ‘stressed’, click HERE. What an excuse.


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