A Racist Football Manager Has Been Sacked After Viral Rant About Priti Patel

What a moron.

Whatever you think about Priti Patel, we can all probably agree that her race shouldn’t really inform your opinion of her (I’m not going to get into the whole debate about her perceived hypocrisy regarding immigration policies considering she herself is an immigrant and how race is a part of that, but I do know it’s an issue).

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Unfortunately though, not everyone thinks this and some people think that it’s a good idea to film themselves sharing these opinions and then proceed to post them on the internet. One of these is a guy named Jake Humphries, who recorded himself watching one of her press conferences and saying that he wouldn’t listen to what she was saying as ‘people of colour are no good in positions of power’.

He then goes on to berate black and Asian people in the 45 second clip:

Yeah, I don’t really know why Jake thought it would be a good idea to post something like that on the internet, but here we are and that’s what he’s doing and it’s already proven to be a terrible idea as he’s been immediately sacked from his position as manager of Sunday League team Polo Pukz FC. Here’s what their official Twitter account said:

Not really sure what else he could expect putting something up like that though? Even his local MP Brendan Clarke-Smith got involved and condemned the video via his Twitter account:

Again, really think it’s naive that Humphries wouldn’t expect such a backlash for posting such backward opinions on the internet. Has the guy even been on the internet in the last five years?

Apparently Jake has now deleted his Twitter account, but posted from his Instagram account stating that he stands by what he said but also asking everyone to leave him alone. Don’t think it’s going to work quite like that buddy, and in all likelihood doubling down on it is probably going to mean that your whole life is going to be ruined now. Good luck with that.

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