Watch This Racist Australian Woman Get Utterly Dismantled After She Threatens Chinese Man With A Chisel

Chisel commuter Train

What an absolute bitch.

A racist Australian woman took exception the to the fact that a Chinese man tried to sit next to her on a busy Sydney commuter train and the following scenes went down.

The woman who filmed this – 22 year old Annie Huang – provides some context because if you just watch the video it seems as though the guy is being a bit of a dickhead to begin with:

The male passenger, of Chinese descent, sat down in the same aisle as the woman.

I heard her say very rude things to him, like ‘F**k off, don’t sit next to me, move somewhere else.

He wasn’t replying, he was just sitting there.

She said ‘Do you even speak English? Go back to your own country’.

Then I got my phone out and started filming.

The video starts off pretty disturbing, then gets a bit more serious and dark, but ends on a high note.

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What an absolute bitch eh? You can’t go around calling Chinese people dogs can you, it’s just not on. And who the hell carries a chisel around with them and threatens to use it on a busy commuter train? Absolute nutcase – the guy who took her out was an absolute legend fair play.

Unfortunately this seems to happen all the time in Australia – remember this absolute bitch who went on a mental racist rant at some 12 year old kids on the train?


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