Racist Airbnb Host Turns Down Asian Guest In The Most Savage Way Possible

Dyne Suh

Thankfully the host has since been banned.

A worrying story hit the headlines last week of how an Airbnb host turned down a guest’s reservation because she was Asian, before proceeding to launch into a shocking racist rant at her.

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Thankfully the host has since received a permanent ban from Airbnb, but it’s still troubling to think that this sort of mindset is becoming more widely acceptable now that Donald Trump is in power. The host even said, “It’s why we have Trump”.

Law student Dyne Suh and her fiancé were supposed to rent the place near a ski resort in Big Bear, California, a couple of months back. However, the reservation was cancelled just minutes before she arrived. Dyne decided to upload the screenshots from host, identified as Tami’s shocking rant as well as a description of the incident, which has since gone viral:

This really is absolutely disgusting in this day and age that people still think like that. What is happening over in America? From this side of the pond it seems as if Trump’s views and policies have almost validated racists and their ignorant views. So awful – I hope Dyne eventually found somewhere to stay.

We need more people like this lawyer who absolutely shut down a white supremacist with one simple tweet. Education trumps ignorance.


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