Watch Rachel Riley Spell A Rude Word On Countdown Without Even Realising

Rachel Riley's Clit

Who knew consonants and vowels could be so filthy.

Countdown is probably my – I mean your favourite day time show aside from Jezza Kyle.

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Picture the scene: it’s mid-afternoon, you’re more baked than those nachos you forgot you put in the oven 3 hours ago, and I’m – I mean you’re – giggling to yourself inexplicably as Rachel Riley, the mighty fine letter lady, places her letters on the board. You string together the dirtiest words your marijuana-addled brain can muster from the ensemble of vowels and consonants, and vowels and consonants. And then I- I mean – you giggle some more.

But yesterday was different. Yesterday that beautiful blonde gave me – I mean you – the usual depressing semi as you lusted over her – wallowing in the knowledge that she’s probably getting railed by a genetic god while you can’t even bake some nachos. That much was the same as it always is and always will be. The difference came when she did all the hard work with those naughty words for me – I mean you. Okay, fine, us.

The presenter spelt out a rude word letter by letter, and then claimed to have been oblivious to any bad behaviour later, on Twitter:

Yeah, I’m not buying it Riley. I saw that cheeky smile when you slipped that T up and finished off the clit. Fiesty one you are.

You’ll have to do better than that if you want to take ‘funniest Countdown related moment’ away from this guy though.


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