Rachel Riley Is Being Accused Of Racism After Mocking An Arsenal Fan From India

Oh dear.

Manchester United fan Rachel Riley is under fire today after responding to a Twitter user who called her a glory hunter by pointing out he’s an Arsenal fan living in India, and so it’s ironic for him to be accusing her of glory hunting.

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Here’s the exchange:

Because it’s 2020, people interpreted Rachel Riley’s response as a racist attack and are now demanding that she apologise. Here’s some of the reaction:

Yikes. Probably not the reaction Rachel Riley was expecting, but you know how it goes these days – people will look for any and every reason to call you a racist or a bigot and shame you all over the internet.

Riley addressed the backlash in another Tweet:

I mean it does seem pretty obvious that she was making a point about someone calling her a glory hunter because geographically she isn’t from the same place as the team she supports. Given that the guy calling her a glory hunter lives THOUSANDS of miles away in India and supports Arsenal, it was pretty ironic and hypocritical.

Put it this way – if someone you knew from London was a Liverpool supporter they’d get called plastic or a glory hunter and that would be fine. However, replace ‘London’ with ‘India’ and it suddenly becomes a racist comment. That doesn’t seem right, does it? Context matters, surely!

Then again, it wasn’t that long ago people were accusing Rachel Riley of being one of the biggest trolls on the internet. So maybe the cynicism isn’t completely unwarranted.


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