‘Friends’ Fans Spot Creepy Blooper In ‘The One With Rachel’s New Dress’

Cannot unsee.

Ever since ‘Friends’ showed up on Netflix, a whole new generation of viewers have joined the show’s older fans in revitalising its popularity.

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So it’s no surprise that every so often, someone will spot a blooper or easter egg that had never been discovered before.

The latest one involves Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel when she arranges a romantic date for love interest Joshua in season 4 episode, ‘The One With Rachel’s New Dress’. You might recall that said love interest completely loses his shit when he spots Joey and Chandler’s pet duck and rooster, triggering his fear of birds.

They end up continuing the date at Joshua’s parents house (not weird at all), where Rachel is fired up for some action… only for Joshua’s parents to return home early from holiday and ruin everything. Cockblocked by your parents – not great.

Anyway, someone on Reddit pointed out how a pair of eyes on statue in the background light up with a creepy red hue during the middle of the scene, with zero explanation whatsoever.

Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me:

Mind-blowing stuff, right? I mean just when you thought you were the world’s #1 ‘Friends’ expert and knew the show inside out, something like this comes up and turns your entire world view upside down. We’ll no doubt sleep better tonight now that we’re all ‘woke’ to this blooper.

Bonus Jennifer Aniston photos:

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