R. Kelly Will Stand Trial For Child Pornography And Obstruction Of Justice Next Year


For years and years and literal years, there were loads of stories all over the internet and televisions about how R.Kelly was a creep and was pretty much the leader of some kind of weird sex cult where he brainwashed young girls and forced them to do *things* for him and it was wondered if anyone would ever try and bring him to justice and why nobody was doing this.

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Turns out the cops and lawyers were actually working behind the scenes on this one though as R. Kelly was arrested this year and has now formally been charged in four separate cases. The latest hearing happened yesterday where US District Judge Harry D. Leinenweber set a date of 27 April, 2020 for Kelly’s trial for child pornography and obstruction of justice in the Chicago court system. Result.

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This trial might actually end up getting suspended though because R.Kelly is due to face trial around the same time in not one, but three other cases related to the same charges in different judiciaries. Indeed, his lawyer Steve Greenberg told the judge that he was unsure whether he would be able to prepare for four trials due to happen at the same time next year, which is fair enough really as it sounds like a lot of work.

Maybe R.Kelly should just hire more lawyers though? Sure he can afford it and the fact is he doesn’t want this to be dragging on any longer than it has to as he’s currently being held without bond in prison somewhere, even appearing at his hearing in an orange jumpsuit. How the tables turn.

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