Quentin Tarantino Has Made An Absolutely Sick Spotify Playlist Of The Best Songs From His Career

Banger after banger.

The Quentin Tarantino hype train is running full speed ahead in the run up to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood finally being released in this country on August 14th and the latest piece of excellent marketing from his team is this playlist that he has curated of all the best songs from his movies.

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Not many directors out there are as synonymous with excellent music choices for the majority of scenes in their movies, so you before you even listen to it you know it’s going to be full of absolute bangers. Obviously the best songs are coming from Jackie Brown – Across 110th Street, Strawberry Letter and Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time – but there’s still a whole plethora of excellent tunes that you’ve probably forgotten about like Harry Nilsson’s Coconut from the end of Reservoir Dogs and The Mavericks’ Foolish Heart from From Dusk Till Dawn.

Whack it on now and enjoy the rest of your Thursday. Highly recommended:

So many bangers. Excellent music for a session or pre drinks because it’s so varied and there’s something for everyone and EVERYONE loves Quentin Tarantino movies right? You can thank me later.

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