Queen’s Cousin Faces Jail After Sex Attack On Guest At Glamis Castle

He sexually assaulted a guest at an event at the Queen’s childhood home.

The Queen’s cousin is in for a royal bollocking after sexually assaulting a guest inside the Queen Mother’s childhood home.

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Simon Bowes-Lyon, 34, faces a prison sentence after pleading guilty to forcing his way into a sleeping woman’s room and assaulting her while drunk.

As per Metro, he is said to have repeatedly pushed the 26-year-old woman onto a bed and against a wall, forcibly grabbed her breasts and tried to pull up her nightdress in an attack lasting 20 minutes.

Fiscal depute Lynne Mannion told Dundee Sheriff Court:

The accused is the Earl of Strathmore. He resides at his ancestral home of Glamis Castle. He divides his time between the castle and a property in London.

The wealthy aristocrat, who is the Queen’s cousin twice removed, was hosting a PR travel weekend at the 16,500-acre estate in Angus, Scotland.

He was granted bail this week and placed on the sex offenders register as sentence was deferred for reports.

Glamis Castle had been chosen to host a weekend for a feature for a luxury lifestyle magazine, which included gin tasting, helicopter rides, shooting and a tour of the castle. A recipe for a good time indeed.

On the first night, the victim noticed no one was talking to Bowes-Lyon during dinner so she spoke to him and he took her outside to show her one of his classic cars.

The next evening there was a black tie dinner and, after the victim went to bed, Bowes-Lyon continued drinking before making his way to her room, uninvited, at 1.20am.

Mannion explained:

She was asleep and was woken by knocking at the door.

She said Bowes-Lyon told the woman:

It’s Simon. It’s important. Please let me in.

Mannion continued:

She thought something was wrong so she got up.

It was pitch black. The second she opened the door he pushed his way in and pushed her onto the bed.

He was very drunk and smelled of cigarettes. He told her he wanted to have an affair. He grabbed her breast and nipple very hard. He tried to pull her nightdress up.

She went into the en-suite to get away but the accused followed her, stopped her closing the door, and lit a cigarette. She squeezed past and went back to the bedroom.

He pushed her against the wall and grabbed her nipple again, so hard that it still hurt the next day. He grabbed her bottom and her vagina.

She raised her voice in the hope that another guest would hear her. She panicked because she did not know the layout of the castle. ‘She had no signal. He refused to leave.

Bowes-Lyon was said to have told the terrified woman:

I’m going to f-ck you.

When she rejected him, Bowes-Lyon allegedly called her ‘a rude, mean, bad and horrible person’ and told her she could not tell him what to do in his own home.

The woman eventually got him to leave her room and sent a series of texts asking her colleagues and boyfriend for help. Bowes-Lyon returned and tried to get into the room again, but she managed to get hold of someone in another part of the castle who came to help.

That someone later reported that she was ‘distressed’ when he spoke to her and that Bowes-Lyon had fallen asleep when he went to confront him about the incident.

Bowes-Lyon emailed an apology to the woman and offered another apology for his behaviour this week in court:

I am greatly ashamed of my actions which have caused such distress to a guest in my home. Clearly I had drunk to excess on the night of the incident.

As someone who is only too well aware of the damage that alcohol can cause, I should have known better. I recognise, in any event, that alcohol is no excuse for my behaviour.

I did not think I was capable of behaving the way I did but have had to face up to it and take responsibility. My apologies go, above all, to the woman concerned, but I would also like to apologise to family, friends and colleagues for the distress I have caused them.

Flashy, super wealthy Bowes-Lyon was actually named in Britain’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors by Tatler in 2019, but somehow I don’t think he’ll be making that list again. Not that it did him much good from the sounds of it. Tragic to think he targeted this woman because she was apparently the only one paying him any attention at this event at Glamis Castle, but thankfully she was tenacious enough to prevent him from assaulting her more seriously.

How will Bowes-Lyon’s status influence his sentence? We’ll have to wait and see.

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