The Queen’s Bright Green Dress Was Begging To Be Meme’d By Photoshoppers

The Queen wore the perfect colour for the internet’s Photoshoppers.

You might not think the Queen does much, but one thing she does do is give great speeches, as she did the other night when she nailed her address to the nation, while basically wearing a green screen for a dress.

The Queen spoke about hope, courage and optimism, but one thing we need more than that right now is something to take the piss out of. That’s why the Queen’s true gift to us the other night was the fact she wore that bright green dress, providing the perfect canvas for Photoshoppers all over the internet:

And finally, even the Queen knows:

So thank you, your majesty. And thanks to all the Photoshoppers who got involved when the Queen handed them the opportunity on a silver plate. Cheers.

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