The Trailer For A New Doom Game Just Dropped And It Looks Awesome

New Doom Trailer

Welcome back.

Old school gamers will remember Doom and its sequel Doom 2 as two of the most awesome and terrifying games in history that really revolutionised the first person shooting genre and paved the way for it to become the favoured game type of most male gamers. It was absolutely shit scary playing that game when you were a little kid, even when you had the luxury of a BFG9000 to kick the crap out of people with.

So it’s great to see that Doom is making a comeback this year, and after the first trailer it looks like it’s going to live up to the promise of the first game. It just focusses on the multiplayer campaign and it looks as if you’re going to be severely outnumbered by a bunch of demons and have to blast the ever loving shit out of them again. Just what we wanted:

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Yep. It’s great to see the chainsaw back and it’s also kind of cool that you can do flying kicks and punches on your enemies too. Kind of a bummer you can get your legs ripped off by massive demons as well but I suppose that kinda comes with the territory.

It’s also cool that we haven’t got too long to wait for it. Think I might actually buy this one  – in the meantime though The Culling looks like it’s going to revolutionise multiplayer deathmatches.


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