Watch This Giant Python Snake Literally Explode After Attempting To Eat A Live Alligator


Its eyes are bigger than its stomach.

A Burmese python quite literally exploded after trying to eat an entire six-foot alligator, which many suspect was still alive at the time.

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The 13-foot snake was found floating in marsh water in the Everglades National Park in Florida with its head missing and body torn in two. Scientists have been unable to suss out exactly how the snake died, but there are a couple of theories as explained in the unusually sinister news report below:

Obviously we can’t know for sure how this snake met its death, but I’m going to go with the idea that the alligator attempted to claw its way out because that’s way cooler than the other theories. Having said that, it wouldn’t really explain why the alligator was dead too. It’s one of nature’s great mysteries I guess.

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