Watch This Python Brutally Choke Out A Possum And Then Eat It


The law of the jungle.

Some of the shit that goes on in nature is absolutely out of this world, especially when two animals decide to go up against each other in a fight to the death. You’ve normally got not idea who is going to win in these contests so it’s extra special when you catch them on video.

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In this latest post courtesy of someone in Brisbane called Owen Jones, we’re seeing the aftermath of a python crushing a possum to death and it’s pretty grim just how ruthless this snake is in squeezing the life out of this dude. Make sure you stay tuned until the end when you see the snake callously unwind from him and then drag him off to his lair to place him in storage before devouring him.

Absolutely devastating show of strength by the snake there. Can’t really imagine a more helpless death I don’t think than having a creepyass snake squeeze yout ot death whilst simultaneously laughing and sticking its tongue out at you and hissing whilst you slowly gasp for your last breaths. What a way to go.

For more snakes, check out this video of a snake regurgitating another live snake. That’s gross.


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