This Video Of A Snake Regurgitating A Live Snake Will Make You Vom

Snake vs snake

Snake vs. Snake

Just a little warning before you watch this – this is not for the squeamish or for people who aren’t into snakes in general.

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Now we’ve got that out of the way, the video below shows what might be one of the grossest and yet oddly fascinating snake regurgitation videos (there’s a surprising amount floating around on the internet). This one in particular shows a snake spewing out another snake that is somehow still alive. Here’s what the video uploader said about it:

I was on my way home from my mothers when I saw this snake as I drove past. I reversed to I could take some photographs. After I realised the snake had prey hanging out of its mouth my wife suggested I take some video.

I realise that I was the reason the snake did this, due to feeling threatened. Sorry dude.

Nature can be so gross. You’ve got to feel for the snake who was swallowed. Yes, he might still be alive, but now he’s going to be scarred for life after seeing what his prey have to go through on a daily basis. I bet that’s his appetite ruined for weeks.

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