Purity Ring

The recommended artists of the week brought to you by Sick Chirpse are Purity Ring. A ghoulish electronic duo who are tipped for big things throughout 2012.

It’s quite hard to ignore a band like Purity Ring as they have become the hottest buzz band for numerous blogs and websites around the world for the past 12 months. Plus, if your favourited by Pitchfork then you’ve pretty much made it. It’s not all hype though from this dark electro duo, the songs that have popped up have been very good. It’s like the kind of music you would put on if you were having a rave in a graveyard (a grave-rave?) or when the K comes out at 6AM. Somehow the sweet, gentle tones of lead singer Megan Jones work so well with the menacing, brooding beats of Corin Roddick making it feel like a soundtrack for a Grimm fairytale. Purity Rings much anticipated debut will be released in July.

Sounds a bit like: Crystal Castles, The Knife, Salem

Buzz-meter: 9/10

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