Gig Goer Destroys Himself After Epic Balcony Dive Goes Wrong When No One Catches Him

Stage Dive

Crowd surf fail.

When you’re at a punk rock show and you’re the required size, there isn’t really much better than jumping off the stage into the welcoming arms of the audience and crowd surfing a bit – it really is all it’s cracked up to be.

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Unfortunately, there are always going to be some instances when the crowd just don’t fancy catching you because you’re probably going to end up squashing them. Case in point is this swan dive off a balcony at a recent Dune Rats show in Adelaide, where a guy decided to jump off a four metre balcony headfirst into the crowd.

It really didn’t end well:

Ouch. I mean that is a legendary jump but you’ve really gotta make sure the crowd are gonna catch you if you do that. Kinda crappy of them to move out of the way to be honest – you’ve all gotta look after each other at these kinds of events.

The kid’s chest and face turned black from bruising immediately and his nose started bleeding, but the security got him to the local hospital and it turned out in the end that he was OK. He discharged himself after an overnight stay. Phew – be more careful next time.

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