The Punisher Is Showing No Mercy In This Clip For His New Netflix Series


Following his appearance in the second series of Daredevil, fans were particularly excited when it was announced that The Punisher would be showing up in his own Netflix series sometime towards the end of 2017.

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That time is almost upon us and after promises from lead actor Jon Bernthal that it was going to be pretty damn dark, even judging by the yardstick of Marvel’s other Netflix shows, we were getting even more pumped about it. And now that we’ve got the first clip from the series, we’re pretty sure that the team behind it are going to deliver on the promise of the character.

Get a load of this:

Yeah, that’s not exactly giving too much away is it, but if it’s anything to go by it looks as though the show is going to be as brutal and bloody as we hope it to be. Normally in the Marvel shows it’s a pretty big deal if anyone dies, but it lookalike Frank Castle is probably going to be crossing that line every single week.

Gonna be interesting to see how they explore that and whether they’ll still be able to paint him as a good guy or not. Excited to see where they go with it though.

For more Punisher, check out this short movie original Punisher Thomas Jane made a few years ago. Surprisingly awesome, and apparently the inspiration for the take on his character in Daredevil.


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