The Public Are Being Warned About Aggressive Seagulls In The Upcoming Summer Months

No shit.

Whilst most people probably have the idea in their head that going to the seaside and feeding a few of your chips to the local seagulls would be a fairly joyous occasion, the actual reality is that most seagulls are bastards that are more likely to steal your chips and peck you on the head rather than appear grateful to you for sharing your food with them.

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In case that opening line hasn’t hammered home the danger of these animals to you, then Rentokil have also released the following statement that should drive it home even more. There’s even some science in there for you to explain it all properly:

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We encourage members of the public to treat seagulls with caution and keep their distance from them where possible, as they are at their most aggressive at this time of year.

As the weather improves, and people start spending more time outside this summer, this is also the period of time where people and seagulls are most likely to cross paths. To discourage the presence of seagulls and other pest birds from your home or business, you should ensure to keep any possible food sources well hidden.

Another important step is to make sure bin lids are secure and rubbish bags are not left in the open, as gulls have sharp beaks that will make short work of bin bags.

There you go. Very sound advice right there and you would do well to follow it this summer to avoid any unpleasant attacks and injuries.

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