Pub Installs Electric Fence Around The Bar To Keep Punters Socially Distanced From Staff

What a move.

The landlord of The Star Inn in St Just, Cornwall has installed an electric fence around the bar of his pub to ensure punters don’t break social distancing rules.

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Johnny McFadden told Cornwall Live the extreme measures were for “everyone’s benefit” after punters continued to ignore coronavirus guidelines after the pub reopened a couple weekends back:

It’s there for social-distancing.

Before the fence, people were not following social-distancing and were doing as they pleased, but now people take heed to the guidance around social distancing.

Along with a warning sign, the fully charged barrier stands around a foot away from the bar, ensuring customers don’t crowd around as they wait to be served.

Johnny claims that the fence is usually switched off, but is quick to warn…

It can be turned on.

What a move. It’s an absolute bit of genius! Not only do you protect your employees but you also get a nice bit of publicity for your pub and people know it’s a place where social distancing measures are taken seriously by the owners. I mean if there’s one thing that’s going to stop you from breaking coronavirus measures it’s being zapped by an electric fence while you’re queuing for a drink at the pub. Just don’t cross the line and you’ll be fine.

Truth be told though, it must get harder and harder to avoid the electric fence as the night goes on and you’re a few pints deep. Can just imagine someone having a bit too much to drink and stumbling right into the fence and zapping his face off. Or someone trying to pee on it or something. Still, like Johnny the landlord says – it’s for everyone’s benefit. Even if you have to potentially electrocute paying customers.

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