Psychopathic Woman Crashes Ex’s Tinder Date To Destroy New Girl’s Life


Bunny boiler.

There’s nothing like launching into a new relationship, only to find your new potential partner has an insane ex lurking in the background.

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For these unsuspecting women, this nightmare situation became a reality when they decided to go on a Tinder date with a guy named Ryan. Shortly into their chilled day out, drama ensues when Ryan’s psychopathic girlfriend shows up to ruin the party:

As you can tell, it was all just an elaborate prank. That blonde chick was going in – she’s lucky she didn’t get knocked out. That German chick looked like she was about to beat her ass? Ultimate attitude.

This isn’t the first prank this guy has done. You can find loads more on his YouTube channel HammyTV, including this horrific one where he tricks a load of women into thinking they’re high when they’re not at all. It’s almost too cringeworthy to bear.


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