Psychologist Says Listening To Christmas Songs On A Loop Will Drive You Clinically Insane

Sad Santa

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

We’re headed into November and that means it’s only a month until you’re legally allowed to listen to Christmas songs all day every day – hell, you could probably get away with it now if you wanted to, although some killjoy will probably be sure to remind you that it’s not Christmas yet and moan at you about it. Screw ’em though, do what you gotta do.

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Make sure you heed the warnings of clinical psychologist Linda Blair though, who is claiming that listening to Christmas songs on a loop can severely damage your mental health:

People working in the shops at Christmas have to [tune out] Christmas music, because if they don’t, it really does stop you from being able to focus on anything else. You’re simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing.

OK so she’s more looking at people who are working in retail over the festive period who will literally hear theses songs over and over again for days, but it’s probably worth remembering this information if you really love Christmas songs and intend on pumping them out over the next couple of months. Be careful basically – there is too much of a good thing.

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