Protester Attacks Looter & Says “You’re Not A Black Ally” (VIDEO)

Peaceful protesters have had enough of looters making them look bad.

As we keep having to point out, the George Floyd protests around the world have been mostly peaceful demonstrations, although you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise thanks to all the footage of looters and rioters making everybody else look bad.

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Sure enough, the more sensible Black Lives Matter demonstrators have had enough of looters undermining the cause, and this one completely snapped when he caught a white kid escaping a store with some stolen goods:

He was not having it at all, was he? Hopefully the rest of the people out there looting and destroying property get wind of this footage and others speaking out about it and realise how much harm they are doing to the cause with this sort of counter-productive behaviour. I mean imagine a black person sensibly protesting in the streets and seeing a white Antifa-type going around causing destruction. It’s only going to end up being blamed on black people and the BLM movement. How frustrating must that be?

So yeah, fair play to this guy for teaching this punk a lesson he hopefully won’t forget. Can’t say I blame him whatsoever.

For the man who brainlessly carried a “Fuck Black Lives Matter” sign into the protests, click HERE. I’m sure you can guess what happens to him.


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