Prostitute Films Insane Rant Discussing Why She Did The Unthinkable With Her Cousin

Keepin’ it in the family.

We’ve featured stories on sex worker Schahrzad Morgan a couple of times, purely because she is a constant source of entertainment. In addition to uploading videos discussing her colourful sex life working as a prostitute, she films herself going on bizarre rants about stuff like why she charges fat guys more. She’s just so kooky.

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Anyway, her latest rant might’ve taken it a step too far. In the video, she discusses the time she had sex with her cousin. Not only is she willingly open about the fact that she committed incest, but she provides brazen details about the experience to her 15,000 subscribers:

I’m starting to wonder if this woman is a troll. Someone who posts videos on why incest is normal… well, that’s not normal.

Yep, definitely a troll. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

For more from Scharzad, here she is going on an insane rant after one of her clients came too quickly.


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