Definitive Proof That Ghosts Exist Captured At Creepy Resort Playground (NSFL VIDEO)

You have been warned.

Your whole life you probably have not cared for the idea that ghosts exist. Well, that’s about to change after you watch this video.

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If you’re like me you probably believed that ghosts would have better things to do with their time than stick around on Earth making floorboards creak and slamming doors or whatever. But it turns out they like nothing more than to hang around on Earth and do fun activities at the park like the rest of us.

Watch below:

Welp, it doesn’t get any more conclusive than that. If you have eyes and a brain and just watched that video then you now know that ghosts 100% exist.

Obviously some people accused the uploader of faking the whole thing but she set them straight in what seems like a sincere response:

So there you have it – ghosts are real. Bet you feel a bit embarrassed that all it took was a viral video of a playground swing (that may or may not have been edited despite what Farlina says but let’s just ignore that) to make you a believer. That wasn’t the wind or an invisible piece of string making that swing move at varying speeds, it’s obviously a ghost having a good old time at the park.

Still not convinced? How about the time that Canadian model got photobombed by a terrifying ghost child?


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