Model Gets Photobombed By Terrifying Ghost Child

Horror movie material.

A Canadian model and singer was shocked after noticing the most terrifying photobomb in her selfie.

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MeLo Lv and her friend were taking pictures by a swimming pool, but it wasn’t until they’d uploaded the picture onto Instagram that fans noticed what looked like a child in the background.

Ghost 1

One fan wrote:

So many cute girls but seriously what is that ghost thing in the background?

The “hip hop” star (those quote marks are intentional) said:

This is actually quite scary. I didn’t even know anything about it at the time.

I had to revisit the video several times before I saw that thing.

It is very strange how it is there one minute and then gone the next.

Ghost 2

So what’s your verdict? It’s pretty unclear, and you could easily argue that it’s just a fluke shape that was made by the bushes. Either way, that thing has spooked MeLo Lv who was told as a child that “ghosts are present in the water”. I guess that’s the last time she’s going swimming.

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