Programmer Writes Script That Calls Scammers 28 Times A Second And They Lose Their Minds

Music to my ears.

I’ve always kinda wondered what kind of a person would knowingly work for a company that was scamming dumb vulnerable people out of money and whilst this video below doesn’t exactly tell me the answer to that question, it does reveal that they have pretty short tempers when the same kind of thing is happening to them.

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The video comes courtesy of an anonymous programmer who was clearly fairly bored during the last lockdown and decided to have some ‘fun’ by finding a scam number and then setting up a script to repeatedly call it over and over again and play the same recorded message to them telling them to give up their life as a scammer and retire. Needless to say, the results weren’t too happy as the scammers were bombarded with calls for hours and lost the plot:

Ha ha ha. I would like to think that at least some of the people involved in that video decided to re-evaluate their life choices after being heckled by that annoying robot voice for the entire day, but I would wager that they’re still there in their crappy little offices trying to fleece people out of what little money they have in the first place. Sounds horrendous to be honest so maybe they’re already trapped in their own personal hell doing that. Who knows?

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