Professor Chris Whitty Abused & Harassed By COVID-Denying Chav At Lunch, Told To “Stop Lying To The TV”

What a pleb.

England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty was picking up some lunch from a street stall at Westminster’s Strutton Ground Market the other day when he was approached by a Covidiot with one of the more slappable faces you’ll ever see, who saw the perfect opportunity to go viral on TikTok.

As you’re about to see, this Covid-denying chav makes a compelling argument:

Wow, with such erudite discourse and clear expertise on the matter, I’m surprised Chris Whitty didn’t resign right there and then on the spot and offer this kid his job. Let’s take a look at it in text form to really get to the crux of his argument:

Eh big man. You’re a liar, you’re a liar, mandem he’s a liar. You lie about the COVID-19 cases man. Come on man stop lying to the TV man. Liar.

I mean there’s no arguing with that really, is there? Chris Whitty might be England’s chief medical officer, the chief scientific adviser for the Department of Health and Social Care, a practicing NHS physician, and a professor of public and international health with decades of experience, but this twerp has a D in Biology GCSE and is also pretty handy at uploading TikToks. Who are you gonna believe?

In all seriousness, this lad should probably worry more about being a soap-denier than a Covid-denier. Fair play to Chris Whitty for completely blanking him and realising that engaging with this idiot would have been a waste of time.

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